Friday, 23 February 2018

Designing a website for driving schools in Romford

Designing a website for driving schools in Romford, in particular Rob Gould Driver Training was something that happened unintentional and came about by chance.

In this Blog, I want to just outline and pinpoint some concerns that driving instructors have approached me about in reference to do with their websites that they've had built to showcase their business, well their driving school actually.

I'm going to use Rob Gould Driver Training as a case study and attempt to tell you his story or parts of his story in this Blog. For legal reasons I can't blog about the whole story but I will try to describe to my best a true version of events as described to me by one of my customers.

So, Rob employed a company to build a website for him which would showcase his driving school.

One of the reasons Rob decided to get a website was to help with marketing and to use as a marketing tool to work alongside his existing promotional material - Obviously his goal was to attract new business with a possibility of expanding his driving school with more driving instructors.

He knew he needed a website to help him attract new business so he hired the services of a web designer and a SEO specialist who also was a marketing guru.

Rob paid the fees that was requested by his new web designer which incidentally was £2,300 and then Rob sat back in anticipation and couldn't wait for his new website to be completed and launched. Anyway, the day came when his new website was launched and he was now waiting in anticipation for his phone to go with hopefully new enquiries.

Unfortunately for Rob, he's still waiting for his phone to go and nine months down the line he hasn't had one single enquiry.

That's where I came in - Rob contacted me and asked me if I could help. So I took control of Rob's original website, gave it a good clean looking website that was fresh with content and images and was simple to use and understand.

Rob's website is not the first website where I've had to do rescue and recovery work on, I've hand handfuls of driving schools ask me to help them generate business from online marketing including social media too.

Potential customers haven't got 10 minutes to spare to trawl through thousands of words on a website, you've literally got 30 seconds to make a sale. Also, if the information isn't there in front of them, there not going to scroll and scroll and scroll all the way your pages looking, they'll just simply move onto the next website they found on Google.

These are the basic things learner drivers want to see on your website:

  • Prices
  • Opening hours
  • Areas covered
  • Maybe a picture of someone passing their test
  • A small section about the school

That's it I'm afraid so anything other than this is wasting your time in most cases. Do not put thousands of words on your website and turn it into something that resembles the Daily Telegraph.

Yes, Google loves content and it has to be relevant but anything in the region of 500 words is sufficient, not 5,000 as I've seen in some cases.

There's no point in writing paragraph after paragraph about driving instructors in Romford for example.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Driving instructors Hereford

A review from the ADIJNC meeting

Hi, I'm Dev from Hereford Driving School in Hereford and I'm one of the independent driving instructors in Hereford.

I recently attended the ADIJNC conference and these are my notes from the meeting. As always, it started off with notes from the chair.

It’s always a huge relief and very satisfying once the conference feedback is in and the conference day has been a success. Let’s not forget it is organised completely by the volunteers on the governing committee. I feel proud of the quality of the event and the professionalism involved from everyone who helps to organise it. We always take on board your feedback and we will endeavour to work on any items you consider could be improved. Thanks must go to our speakers, sponsors, the trade stands and all the delegates who attended and helped to make it such a huge success. There will be photos on the website shortly but meanwhile just a few of the comments we received are below. What is so satisfying is the number of people who have said they will be back next year and who enjoyed the new format for the Saturday night meal before the conference. We filled the entire hotel restaurant and had a great evening together. A report and photos are further on this newsletter. Today’s event was brilliant and well organised. I’m very glad I went. Michael Spooner ADI Events Ltd Great day Lynne!  Thanks to you and all your team. Your hard work and dedication show in how smoothly this event runs and how much everyone enjoys it. Chris Scott Douglas An extremely well organised conference.  Good range of speakers.  Great Value.  Lovely food.   Thanks a lot. Geoff Moore

1st time at the conference, enjoyed the day.  See you next year. Paul Wilson You are doing great job!  Well done guys. Rafal Urban In the 8 years that I have been an ADI I have attended all bar 1 ADINJC conference.  Every year the conference improves on the previous year.  Every year this conference surpasses anything offered by other driver training conference providers, and this year the volunteers (yes, volunteers) at ADINJC produced the best driver training conference in 8 years, I have had the privilege to attend.  So if you only have budget for 1 CPD event in 2018, spend it very wisely………………on the ADINJC conference and nothing else! Rob Tillier, Founder/Director, Accelerate Driver Training Year on year, an excellent conference and well structured.  Yet again, more time with the DVSA, so constructive!  Every year I take more from this conference than the last.  This has benefited my business as I introduce things that I have picked up from the ADINJC.  George Simpson Thank you for inviting me to speak at your conference and making me so welcome. It was a pleasure to see such a well-attended event with people so passionate about driver training and making our roads safer. Nick Croft Our whole team had such a great experience at the conference, Lynne organised a seamless event, the NJC team and guest speakers pulled out all the stops to make us feel welcomed and well informed.
You must be very proud of the whole team that made the day run so smoothly and look effortless - which I’m sure it wasn’t. Debbie Howton This was one of the best ADINJC conferences so far. All good speakers, some fab; meeting up with colleagues I haven’t seen for ages, staying with lovely friends for Friday and Saturday.  Melanie Smith SAVE THE DATE Sunday October 28th 2018 for our next conference! One of our committee also attended a CPD event held by the DISC the Driving Instructors Scottish Council which ran for a day shortly before our own event. Her write up is in the newsletter for you to read.

Driver Ahead Conference: It’s clearly conference season because only a few days before our own conference I attended another one in London.  This was produced by IAM RoadSmart and the RAC Foundation. It was an excellent event and was all about “Mapping a safe route to the driverless car”. Topics included: Cybercrime, driver behaviour aspects of current autonomous vehicle trials, developing driver training in the future, the role of advanced driver training, lessons we can learn from the rail and aviation sectors and views from insurers. ADINJC has attended other autonomous and connected vehicle conferences and talks because we feel we need to understand what will possibly be happening and when and how it will have an impact on ADIs. I’m pleased to say that I came away with the conclusion that although changes are on the way with vehicles and the types we will be purchasing will change clients will still need driver trainers to help them for many years to come. However our work as trainers will change over time. The DVSA was also in attendance at the conference.