Thursday, 7 June 2018

Creating a Facebook Ad campaign

Today's Blog is about how we ran a very quick Facebook Ad campaign for one of our customers called 360 Driver Training who are based in Hemel Hempstead

We have just literally finished building their website and created the branding for them so now it was time to get them some exposure.

What we done first and what we've done so far is to just simply use Facebook to build up an audience for them in their local area so we had to come up with a Facebook campaign that could get some likes and shares.

The concept was to offer some sort of freebie and to hopefully increase the amount of likes on their driving school page. We came up with the idea of a gift voucher for Amazon to the value of £50. The fee of £50 was a decision the owner of 360 Driver Training came up with. So, how did we do this?

We got an image of a £50 Amazon gift voucher then wrote a simple but effect paragraph that would invite people to take part in a competition. The winner won the £50 Amazon voucher. it isn't a competition as such, it's just a free giveaway prize.

So, the article was wrote, we had an image so it was time to post it and put our strategy to the test.

So, we know that people love prizes, especially ones that are free and we know that there are some people who just love entering competitions. All we had to do now is sit back and wait.

It wasn't too long before we saw some activity on the Facebook post, in fact, some activity was an understatement. It sort of went ballistic for the first 2 hours. Now, what I've forgotten to mention which is a crucial point is that the rules for the competition where that you had to like and share the post. We decided to run the Ad for 7 days.

Every now and then we'd go to their Facebook page to see how the Ad was performing. I'm glad to say that we were pleasantly surprised and please how the post was getting likes and share. We were thinking at this time that we are now building up an audience.

Now, one of the positive things to do on Facebook is to keep engaging with your audience so our plan was once the Ad had finished at the end of the seven days was to write good quality posts and hopefully continue to get engagement with this new found audience.

Now our next step was to write a normal post but to write a good article about their driving school. Now, at the discretion of the owner of the driving school, he wanted to give away their first lesson for free. So we popped a little post on Facebook mentioning this and we got the expected results.

The audience that had liked and shared the Amazon post was now engaging with the driving school. The outcome was more customers for them.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Moving from a franchise

This blog is about one of the driving instructors in Cannock who's name is Harpreet. Currently Harpreet is franchised to a driving school in Cannock but has asked for my help to leave his franchise and setup up independent. One of the first things I done for Harpreet was to set him up with his own website Progress Driving School

Harpreet had chosen the business name himself and wanted to be trading under his own driving school name within 2 months of contacting me. His plan was to stay with his franchise for the next two months and also start creating the identity and branding for his driving school with his main aim of targeting customers in the Cannock area.

So after writing some content for his website and creating a logo for both his website and his Facebook page I set to work on doing the actual build. Harpreet was pretty clear in his mind what he wanted to get from me and this made my work much easier as it's often a lot less time consuming if the customer already has some sort of brief.

Harpreet wanted a corporate look and feel about his website as his plans for the future where to expand his own driving school and eventually take on his own instructors on a franchise basis. He was even interested in setting up a training establishment so he could train his own ADI's and then set them up with a franchise with his driving school.

I am one week into designing Harpreet's website and it's all coming together nicely. I will come back to this blog at a later date and update it and finish telling you about Harpreet's journey.