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How to become a Driving Instructor

Train to become a Driving Instructor by Shaun's Driving School in Andover

If you are looking to become a Driving Instructor, then either Superdrive Academy in Andover or Shaun's Driving School in Andover can give you all the training necessary. When you do your training, you are not just buying a training package; you are buying a new career, and a new lifestyle. I believe that your training to become a Driving Instructor should not cost you thousands of £££’s. On a national average, big companies such as BSM, AA etc can charge you £3,000 to £3,500 and sometimes upwards. At ADITC we ensure you get an honest service.

If you are looking into taking up a career as a Driving Instructor. Don’t get ripped off by choosing the wrong Training Provider. So many training companies out there will just take your money off you and then promise you a job with an exaggerated salary, when I know first hand this is not true and they just want to take a franchise fee off you which is approximately £200 per week.

I believe you should pay just for the training and support you get and not the overheads for a big company such as their office rent, accountancy teams, company cars, sales & marketing teams, Directors bonuses etc etc. Also, why pay into a franchise when that £840 per month can go into your own bank account. Why not reach for the stars and set yourself up with your own business. I will train you how and show you how to do this.

By paying less does not necessarily mean you’re getting less, that’s why my prices for my training are very competitive and work either on a “Pay as You Go” basis or a “Pre-set Price” training package option. Whichever course package you choose you will get more than the right amount of training tailored to your needs and I will teach you the skills that will place you amongst the top 5% of drivers in the country and also be a successful Driving Instructor. My courses also include a one day business start-up training workshop so you will have all the tools and information necessary to start your own business if you want to and to be a success.

You are not just buying a training package; you are buying a new career, and investing into a new lifestyle and the backing and support of my skills and knowledge of which I have accumulated through many years of training and development experience. All of the people I have trained are in demand by Learner drivers in their local area and can earn in the region of £1000 per week, this could be you.

You will also benefit from extensive Continued Personal Development (CPD) on an individual basis. Most Driving Schools will take your fee without offering you any type of CPD – this is a recipe for disaster. Continued Personal development is key to your success in this industry, therefore, I am not just here for the duration of your training but I will support you in any way we can long after you have finished your training regardless of how many months or years has gone by.

What’s Involved to become a Driving Instructor and what are the steps?

The Legal Process – It’s a fairly straight forward process to become a Driving Instructor, as no qualifications or previous experience is necessary, but first you must tick a few boxes:

You must have held a driving license for at least 4 years prior to you applying to become an ADI. You must not have more than 6 points on your license, if you have then please discuss this with me.

You have to be able to read a number plate (new style) from 26.5 metres, glasses or contacts are allowed. You have to complete a CRB check. Next, you have to take and pass the 3 Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency exams.

The Process.
You will sit the 3 exams at your local ADI test centre. Part 1 is a computer based Theory and Hazard Perception Test. The Part 2 is a test of your driving ability and the Part 3 is a test of Instructional Ability.

You must pass each exam in order before you can move onto the next. Qualification must be within two years of passing the first exam. Our job is to prepare you for all 3 exams by giving you a high standard of training.

Part 1 Test: Theory and Hazard Perception.
This is a computer based test which consists of 100 multiple choice questions. There are 4 categories and you need to score a minimum of 20 out of 25 in each category which are:
  • traffic signs and signals
  • car control, pedestrians and mechanical knowledge
  • driving test, disabilities, and the law
  • publications and instructional techniques
Hazard Perception Test – You will be shown 14 video clips, each containing at least one developing hazard. You need to identify the hazards as they develop. You need to get a minimum of 57 out of a maximum 75 marks to pass.

Part 2 Test: Driving Ability. This is a driving test and lasts for about 1 hour. You must be able to demonstrate a high level of driving ability, anticipation and consideration of other road users, expert car handling and control, correct road procedure and driving in an environmentally friendly manner. You will also complete a set of manoeuvres such as reverse around a corner and reverse park your vehicle. There is also an independent driving part to this test which generally lasts approximately 10 minutes.

Part 3 Test: Instructional Ability. This test is to assess the quality of your instruction and your ability to pass your knowledge on to your pupils. The test lasts for 1 hour and is split into 2 parts with each part being 30 minutes long, Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1: The examiner will act a role of a pupil at a beginner or partly trained stage and will choose a subject for you to teach him. Phase 2: The examiner will act the role of a pupil who is near test standard or a qualified driver wanting driving development training.

In each case, the examiner will describe the type of pupil and the subject he wants you to deliver to him from a list of pre-set tests, for example; approaching junctions to turn either left or right.

You will be assessed on 3 main areas during your test:
  • core competencies
  • instructional techniques
  • instructor characteristics
Core competencies The examiner will assess how well you:
  • identify and prioritise faults
  • analyse and explain faults
  • give instruction to correct faults
Instructional techniques The examiner will assess how well you:
  • match your level of instruction to the ability and experience of the ‘pupil’
  • plan the lesson
  • control the lesson
  • communicate with the ‘pupil’
  • use question and answer techniques
  • give feedback and encourage the ‘pupil’
Instructor characteristics The examiner will assess whether you:
  • have a relaxed and friendly manner, but aren’t over familiar
  • appear confident, and are able to fill your ‘pupil’ with confidence in a patient and tactful way
Once you pass the Part 3 test you then apply for your ADI badge and then you are a fully qualified Driving Instructor and you can get your new career on the road.

Shaun's Driving School has already trained up a few Driving Instructor's in Andover and around the UK so, if you think you've got what it takes to be a Driving Instructor then give me a call.

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