Monday, 16 October 2017

Driving Schools in Rochester with a new ADI gone independent

DCJ Driver Training - Driving Lessons in Rochester

Well Amanda Foley eventually took the plunge - Amanda had been thinking about going independent for a while. One of her dreams was to set up her own driving school business in Rochester and break away from the franchise she was in. So, one day, we got an email. Yep, it was Amanda.

Amanda expressed to us here at Get Your Own Driving School that her ambition was to have her own successful driving school and move off the franchise she was in. We spent about an hour on the phone asking the usual questions about branding, website, search engine optimisation (SEO), cars, resources and tools she needs, accounting and a few other bits and bobs.

We quickly assed her competition and looked at what driving instructors in Rochester there where and analysed her competition. We looked at prices, courses such as intensives and pass plus, hours they work, any price discounts, areas of work such as neighbouring towns, we gave it a thorough going over. In our analysis stage, we realised that Amanda was going to be one of the few female driving instructors in Rochester and Medway so we planned to use this to her advantage. You see, there are certain people who much prefer a female instructor, I'm not too sure why, maybe it's because they feel that a female instructor is more sympathetic. To be honest, all driving instructors are sympathetic, well apart from me that is - Jokes.

This was our first customer in Rochester and our analysis told us that the market was pretty densely populated with driving schools so we knew that our job wasn't going to be an easy one. I knew that if we were going to get Amanda some business and rank her driving school high on Google then we where in for a long slog.

Amanda wanted to call herself DCJ Driver Training so we immediately went away and registered her domain name. We also carried out searches and found that she was the only one with this name for a driving school in Rochester, well, in the whole of the United Kingdom really. Both Amanda and ourselves came up with a concept and a few ideas about what courses she could offer and at what prices. Amanda does favour intensive driving courses so she wanted this to be a part of the offerings and choices DCJ Driver Training.

We also gave her some of our experience within the driving instructor industry and advised her to also offer courses such as confidence building courses, pass plus courses and advanced driver training courses. Amanda took all of this on board and within the space of two weeks we were ready to launch her new business. Amanda was as happy as anything that everything had gone smooth and within the timescales she wanted to work to. It wasn't too long before DCJ Driver Training took it's first booking for an intensive driving course in Rochester

We are still working with Amanda and helping her to grow her business. She's also dropped a rumour to us that she's interested in expanding her driving school and wants to start training up PDI's. Knowing Amanda, this is not just a rumour - Watch this space. 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Get Your Own Driving School

Get Your Own Driving School

Have you ever wanted your own driving school? Maybe you're thinking of becoming a driving instructor but not too sure on how to go about it. Or perhaps, you're already a driving instructor and working as a franchisee under the umbrella of one of the big national driving schools such as Red.

Shaun's Driving School in Andover has created an alternative way of supporting driving instructors who want the backing and support of a big national school but without the costs that go with this. As an example, if you are already a fully qualified driving instructor and are with one of the big national driving schools as a franchisee, then your franchise fee could be almost reaching approximately £210 per week or there or there about.

If you are training to become a driving instructor with one of the nationals, then you still have to pay them a franchise fee and again this can edge towards £180 per week. Obviously it depends on whether or not you are using their car as your teaching tool. If you use your own car then the prices will be slightly cheaper. One of the main things you've got to think about is how much money will you have left over as a salary each week. Don't forget, you've still got to pay for your own petrol, national insurance and tax.

So, after thinking long and hard about this, I came up with a business model whereby anyone who wanted to either train to become a driving instructor or who is already a driving instructor could use my business model and still earn a decent salary too. I was thinking for some time about what to call my new venture, choosing a new business name can be a slog if you think too long and hard about it. So, I just kept the business name simple and decided to call it "Get Your Own Driving School". After all, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Get Your Own Driving School is ideal for a few different types of audiences, those who want to train to become a driving instructor, those who have recently qualified to become a driving instructor or those who are already with a driving school on a franchise scheme but would like to break away and start their very own business.

Over the next series of Blogs I'm going to write a few case studies using my own customers on how we worked together to set them up with their very own driving school. Before I write my first case study, maybe first head over to my main site where you can find lots more about Get Your Own Driving School

360 Driver Training

360 Driver Training is one of the local driving schools in Hemel Hempstead. Piers, who is the owner operator at 360 Driver Training in Hemel Hempstead didn't' train with us, He had already passed the three grueling exams needed to become a driving instructor.

We initially got an email from Piers where he was just making an initial inquiry about what we do and how we go about it. From this initial email, we set up a meeting together. This was so I could listen to what Piers wanted and his vision. After spending just over an hour with Piers, it soon became clear that he was very ambitious and had a great vision of which direction he wanted to go in. Not only did Piers talk about setting up his own driving school but he told us his ideas of perhaps expanding at a later date and bringing in more instructors to work for him.

Now, it's our belief that if you want your business to expand, then having a business with your personal name doesn't always cut it. Peirs already knew this and agreed with us on this point. With his ideas of expanding at a later date, coupled with wanting to offer other driver related services such as fleet work, he wanted to show people that he could offer a variety of courses. After some discussion, the name 360 Driver Training was born.

The logo we used was again pretty obvious, a which a steering wheel. We then set out to do his branding and worked out how we can use the steering wheel logo on all stationary items such as business cards, roof top box, pupil's progress record cards, website and on all social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Our second meeting with Piers revolved around having a discussion about his pricing structure for driving lessons and his route to market. Piers wanted exposure from a few different channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+

After a few weeks, our designs where complete and we we're already to launch. We had built him a website, registered his domain name, got him a business email address, registered his business with Google My Business, all stationary was complete and delivered including his roof top box.

Piers was a bit nervous about entering the driving school market in Hemel Hempstead as being a bit of a newbie he wasn't sure what the reaction was going to be like. Now, as a rule, most driving instructors are very friendly, as I'm sure most are around the country and everyone congratulated Piers on his business launch and everybody reassured Piers and offered their advice should he need it.

Piers knew that part of our support package is to give him the support, advice and assistants whenever he needs it. We have over 25 years experience in the driving instructor industry and are experts in the online and digital marketing arena.

I'm fast forwarding 7 months down the line now and I'm pleased to say that Piers is now very much established as a driving instructor in Hemel Hempstead now and loving his career. He has gained a brilliant reputation amongst his pupils and other driving schools alike.

We are proud to say that we support Piers and 360 Driver Training in every aspect of running a business and Piers is now looking to bring his dreams forward and expanding his driving school by adding new instructors.