Thursday, 28 December 2017

Sam's Angels | Driving Schools in Blackburn

In this Blog I just want to show you the diversity there is amongst driving instructors. I recently met the owner of Sam's Angels which is one of the driving schools in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Sam asked me to revamp her website for her so my initial thing to do is to contact the customer and arrange a meeting. This is a necessary step as I find it best to try and meet up with the owner of the driving school so I can hopefully get a vibe for their business and what their about. Before I travelled to meet Sam, I first researched to see how many driving instructors in Blackburn there was. I was surprised to see so many.

So I travelled to Blackburn to meet up with Sam and we met up for a coffee in the town centre. I asked Sam to tell me a few things about herself and why she had chosen to be a driving instructor. During our conversation, it was clear to see that Sam was very enthusiastic and driven by two things, one was road safety and the other was running a business. After listening to Sam for a short while, it became clear that she was a business woman and wanted to succeed in this area of business.

I also discovered that she has now taken on a new ADI and in the short amount of time she's been in business, Sam's Angels has already expanded. This now means that she can offer twice as many driving lesson in Blackburn and receive a good healthy profit from just having one instructor extra out on the roads working for her.

What was very impressive was that she is diversifying into different markets and that is her clients generally come from different ethnic origins. This means that Sam can cater for Urdu, Punjabi and Gujrati speaking clients as both her and her new franchisee can also speak these languages. I asked her if this was a niche in her market and she sort of agreed that it is in her local area as there aren't any driving instructors that can cater for these languages.

I explained to her that this is great providing that there is enough demand in her community and there are lots of clients who prefer using their own language - as an after thought, I thought that this was a stupid sweeping statement by me.

Sam wanted to be known as one of the best female driving instructors in Blackburn and she was only currently offering driving lessons to females. I asked her why this was and pointed out to her that she was limiting herself and that if she wanted to expand then she would have to market herself for both male and female pupils.

We chewed over the fat on this and in the end I managed to persuade her to change her offering to also cater for both male and female. By doing this meant that she wasn't restricting her growth rate. So, if she wanted to expand her staff even further by taking on extra driving instructors then she could do this sooner rather than later.

Sam's Angels already have a website so we got down to taking business and discussing what her requirements where and what her end goal was. We discussed lot of things such as her design, brand, look and feel, exposure on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We had to revaluate her pricing structure, not just for normal driving lessons but also for offering discounts for any block bookings she wanted and any student discounts and those sort of things. Sam didn't want to be one of those driving instructors in Blackburn who offer cheap driving lessons near me gang. Instead, she wanted to be very competitive and also be the leader in price in a few years to come.

After a few hours I had all the information I needed and it was time now to get back to the office and start making a strategy for Sam's Driving School in Blackburn so we both went through deadlines and made a plan going forward. I told Sam that I would touch base with her in one week's time to finalise the strategy and go through the design principles, if this could be signed off we could then move onto step 2 which will be to get the layout of her brand updated, create artwork and the layout for her website.

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