Friday, 15 December 2017

Shaun's Driving School

Welcome to Shaun's Driving School's Blog Spot.

Shaun's Driving School is one of the local independent driving instructors in Andover and has been established as one of the best driving schools in Andover for many years. Recently, Shaun's has been re-branded and has expanded. He is now known as Superdrive Academy

When you're looking for a driving instructor Shaun advises you to ask some of these basic questions:
  • What are your prices?
  • What is your pass rate?
  • Where can I take my driving test?
  • Where can I read some testimonials about you?
By asking any driving school these questions will give you a good idea whether or not you think that particular driving school is for you. Obviously you may have your own questions too but these are good questions to get you started.

Learning to drive can be quite a daunting experience for some, especially when you first start so sometimes it can be a good idea to choose a driving instructor that has been recommended to you by a friend or a member of the family. Most of Shaun's business comes from referrals and recommendations and very rarely feels the need to advertise.

As time has gone on, the driving test has been changed various times. This is to keep up to date with the ever increasing traffic and road systems. It's not just the theory test that has changed over the years but the practical driving test has also had to change too.

It has only been recently that their has been new changes introduced to the practical driving test. These changes include the removal of the turn in the road exercise and also the reversing round a corner exercise. These have been replaced with a pulling up on the right hand side of the road and reversing back for two car lengths. The DVSA have introduced this particular exercise as a study revealed that this was now a common thing to do, especially where parking has limited space on the left and their are spaces on the right.

The other changes to the driving test is the introduction to the forward bay park. Again the DVSA have recognised that this is common practice to drive forwards into a parking space and then reverse out. I suppose you've only got to have a look in some of the supermarket car parks to see examples of this.

I've seen this practiced many times before when pupils have been taking their driving lessons in Andover, I suppose we can look at the logical side of things and assume that just because it wasn't on the driving test back then there's no reason why we can't teach it - After all, it's common practice to do this type of manoeuvre when you go shopping.

In regards to learning to drive - the most common question we get asked as driving instructors is "how long will it take me to pass my driving test"? Of course, we are not mind readers and every pupil is different. If we was to go by the published figures by the DVSA, the average person will take approximately 45 hours coupled with 10 hours or so having private practice with friends or family.