Sunday, 6 May 2018

Moving from a franchise

This blog is about one of the driving instructors in Cannock who's name is Harpreet. Currently Harpreet is franchised to a driving school in Cannock but has asked for my help to leave his franchise and setup up independent. One of the first things I done for Harpreet was to set him up with his own website Progress Driving School

Harpreet had chosen the business name himself and wanted to be trading under his own driving school name within 2 months of contacting me. His plan was to stay with his franchise for the next two months and also start creating the identity and branding for his driving school with his main aim of targeting customers in the Cannock area.

So after writing some content for his website and creating a logo for both his website and his Facebook page I set to work on doing the actual build. Harpreet was pretty clear in his mind what he wanted to get from me and this made my work much easier as it's often a lot less time consuming if the customer already has some sort of brief.

Harpreet wanted a corporate look and feel about his website as his plans for the future where to expand his own driving school and eventually take on his own instructors on a franchise basis. He was even interested in setting up a training establishment so he could train his own ADI's and then set them up with a franchise with his driving school.

I am one week into designing Harpreet's website and it's all coming together nicely. I will come back to this blog at a later date and update it and finish telling you about Harpreet's journey.

As I've mentioned above about having a franchise for a driving school, Superdrive Academy have now got franchise spaces available.

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