Saturday, 6 October 2018

One Year On

One Year On

I recently caught up with one of the local driving schools in Chorley who's business is called Bob Medley School of Motoring. It's been one year since Bob got on social media so it was nice to bump into him for a catch-up. Bob originally signed up with me at Superdrive Academy where I deliver driver training to driving instructors in Andover and also do social media marketing with Get Your Own Driving School.

I have seen Bob driving around the town on occasions, well it's hard not to bump into local driving instructors if I'm honest because Chorley isn't exactly a huge place. I can literally see all of the driving instructors in one day. Thee's about 20 of them which is surprising due to the size of the town.

I asked Bob is he still enjoying the job? His smile grew from ear to ear and she said "I'm absolutely loving it". He went on to tell me that it's still the best career move he's ever done and he hasn't looked back.

He told me that not only is he loving the job but it also fits around his family routine very well which is a bonus. After spending just 10 minutes talking with Bob, I could sense a huge wave of enthusiasm. This was the same enthusiasm I saw when I first met him.

I'd seen Bob's Facebook posts from time to time where he posted about his pupils passing their driving test. He was obviously doing a good job because he seemed to be posting on Facebook a couple of times per week.

One year on, he had progressed from being a novice at social media to being an accomplished poster on Facebook. Not only that, he was also making a great success at running his business.

It's always good for me to see my clients still enjoying the job, it gives me great pleasure. It's almost the same feeling you get when a pupil passes their driving test but in some way, a lot better.

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