Saturday, 16 March 2019

Superdrive Academy expand into new territories

Driving Schools in Salisbury

Superdrive Academy is going from strength to strength and within just 6 months have now expanded into a neighboring city, Salisbury.

There are many driving schools in Salisbury and Superdrive Academy have taken an opportunity to join these driving schools and offer their services to the people of Salisbury and neighboring towns and villages. Although there are quite a number of driving instructors in Salisbury it doesn't mean to say that the market isn't big enough to accommodate another driving school. Competition is healthy as they say.

We're also proud to say that we have been voted best driving school for business and excellence for two years on the run. This is a major achievement for us and one that we wear with pride. We provide a truly professional service and all of our driving instructors are trained to a very high standard. We are also ORDIT registered. If you're not sure what ORDIT means, you can see an overview on the DVSA website here.

We provide a whole host of driver training related services, these include learner drivers right through to training to become a driving instructor. We also offer Category B+E training too. We have just taken on an instructor who specializes in intensive driving courses so this gives us more to offer to the general public.

We often get asked how many driving lessons would it take for a new driver to reach test standards and pass their driving test. Our honest answer is "it depends". There's no one clear answer to this question as it does depend on a few varying factors. I'll try to list just a few:

  • How often they take lessons
  • How long are the lessons
  • How do they best take in information
  • Do they have any learning disabilities
  • Are they taking any private practice
  • Are they using any other resource such as books, videos or apps for homestudy
All in all, the DVSA have published figures which attempt to inform the public how many hours a learner driver will take to complete a course and reach test standard. This is in the region of approximately 45 hours. Now, as mentioned above, there are factors which can reduce the amount of hours needed, and indeed, some people may require more?

If you have any questions about any of our services then please contact usu through our website 

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